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...the last phone call is quickly being terminated. a hand nervously counts the beads of a prayer chain. fear is spreading: moinul, an arab, is on board and of all the seats in the economy class the last vacant one is right next to him. when eva enters the aircraft and refuses to take her seat next to moinul, the conflict threatens to escalate.


"the clip is very good regarding direction, casting, lighting, sound and in particular the dramaturgy. maintaining the suspense of the short film until the last minute and then resolving it in a humorous and relaxed way has been done expertly. there are a few details in the script which I could find fault with but all in all it is perfect. i also like the mercedes placement very much. it is discreet; the camera does not linger on the star but pans to the side." 

johannes schultz, director and scriptwriter, formerly bmw group, audiovisual media


website: www.businessasusual-film.de