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the 1000 peepers of dr. mabuse – schwaben bräu (swabian brew)

this black-and-white film from the sixties by ccc filmkunst has been newly dubbed in the swabian dialekt by comedian and director dominik "dodokay" kuhn. by altering the editing sequence this classic german movie has acquired a new plot – the swabians invent the internet and a certain mr. mark sackerberg establishes the internet portal "fleissbook" (fleiss meaning diligence) with the purpose of connecting young swabians, alas with evil intentions!. Thus a completely novel work of art has evolved, creating an entirely new film genre. Embedded  therein with great dramaturgical and creative finesse is an innovative verbal and digital product placement of the regional beer brand schwaben bräu (swabian brew).

the brewery implemented this project in a highly communicative fashion using cross-promotion measures such as city-light-posters and radio commercials for the opening night, putting a special bottle edition with different labels on sale, press releases, social media activities and an after-show-party.

the project was also submitted for the propko product placement award and won a prize for innovative product placement.

big game – interstuhl

big game is an action gest about a finish boy who all of a sudden battles for his existence alongside the us-president played by samuel l. jackson. interstuhl supports the film. in the air-force-one, the airplane of the president, security specialists are sitting on a special execution of the model "silver". the theme was produced in the bavaria studios in munich. in the meantime and with the support of interstuhl the scene is an attraction in the bavaria filmstadt and part of the filmtour



revenge is hot – minimax

branded content film for minimax design-fire extinguisher

business as usual – apple, mercedes, ideal


it is september 11, many years after the day that changed the world and created a new enemy image. a fully occupied aircraft is ready for take off... 


format/genre: short film/drama
producer/director: lenn kudrjawizki
cast: esther schweins, marie rönnebeck, christian berkel, tayfun bademsoy…
camera: stefan wachner
product placement: apple, mercedes-benz, ideal